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This little ole’ newsletter is kinda everything to me. I don’t know why. It’s just a newsletter, right? But I don’t know. Something happens here in this kind and gentle place. Here is a place that is spacious enough for each of us to be decent and dignified human beings who are trying to live a well-lived life with intention and awareness.

Could this be a place where your inner child can happily belong—scraped knees and all? I hope so.

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A little black-eyed, bruised and tender story about our most vulnerable human experiences about race, gender, religion, culture and politics.

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A banned books virtual story hour for kiddos all throughout summer 2023.

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A little advice about race, gender, religion, culture and politics in answer to readers questions.

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A suprise of sorts but I’m not quite sure what….but it’ll be good.



Enslaved African peoples’ bodies were exploited for generations in order for this country to prosper economically. After the abolishment of slavery, this dehuminization continued in a racial caste system that enforced anti-Black, discriminatory and repressive law and ideologies that have built our shared institutions. The legacy lingers still.

Black Eyed Stories is the creation of a descendent of African people who were stolen from their homeland, enslaved in a new land—freed, yet still bound by systemic chains. It is committed to breaking these chains.


Black Eyed Stories is created on the traditional territory of the Council of Three Fires, a long-standing Anishinaabe alliance of the Ojibwe (or Chippewa), Odawa (or Ottawa), and Potawatomi North American Native tribes.

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